Bishops Finger


 8/10 Bishops Finger takes it’s name from an ancient signpost along on the Pilgrims Way, pointing pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas A Becket at Cantebury Cathedral.  Kentish strong ale It’s a dark, warming ale that bursts with flavour. Great stuff! 5.4%


Waitrose DUCHY organic Golden Ale


 7/10 A very refreshing golden ale. Light bodied and brewed with British wheat,  organic hops, fuggles and goldings hops.  Brewed in Oxfordshire for Waitrose.  4.2%


Dark Star Espresso


 4/10 Beer AND coffee. Sounds interesting…! You can really taste the roasted barley and a bit of the coffee. Although this was a bit too bitter for me.  A black beer brewed with dark roasted barley and coffee beans Dark Star brewery were named after the music of the Grateful Dead (60’s rock band) and… Read more »




 9/10 A fantastic Getman wheat beer. This is on par with Erdinger (which is more widely available in the UK).  Nice and cloudy, as a good wheat beer should be. Not overly sweet like some other wheat beers (hoegarden etc) and what a brilliant name: “scoffer-hofer”!  They sell it in M&S. Go fetch! 5%


Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Beer


 8/10 Who knew they did beer?! So glad I was bought this. It’s a porter that’s brewed with cocoa shells to give a nice malty, choclaty taste.  It’s a really tasty craft beer, love this! “complex rounded ale with real character” 4.7%




 8/10 Thought is try this in the Weatherspoons beer festival as it was only £1.99 a pint. Glad I did too! Bloody beautiful!  Its a tastey, dark London porter. Not bitter at all, just right! 5.6% Ps: similar to Dark Star Original

Devil's Backbone

Devils Backbone, American IPA


 7/10 A very smooth IPA… which is unusual as normally I find them a bit tart. Devils backbone brewing company is a small but award winning American brewery that have just started being served in my local Wetherspoons, result!




 9/10 My best white beer! Great taste, amazing beer.

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    Old Thumper


     8/10 Warm brown colour and full of flavour. Rich and malty. This is a really tasty beer.  Ringwood are a great brewery and I’ve never had a bad beer from them.  5.1%

  • IMG_0949

    Spitfire Gold


     7/10 Malty with a soft bitterness. Quite a nice pint! 4.3%

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    Rosey Nosey


     7/10 Well I’m packing for a weekend away with the family. Usually the packing part is quite boring but not tonight…. I’ve found some left over Christmas beer! Now I’m definitely in the holiday spirit This is a full bodied ale from Batemans brewery. It’s rich and slightly fruity.  Not overly “Christmassy” like some of… Read more »

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    Peroni Red


     7/10 This type of peroni is in the barrel for longer and some of the profits go to charity. Drink up for a good cause! Actually I’m on my second and forgot to write the review! It doesn’t taste like normal peroni (fizzy lager) this is flatter and has more taste.  4.7%

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     5/10 A smooth Italian lager. Quite nice actually and goes will with pizza! It’s lively but doesn’t leave you as gassy as other lagers. 

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    Montezuma’s chocolate lager


     4/10 Chocolate lager from the Hogs Back Brewery. Actually tastes of proper chocolate, not a slight hint like others I’ve tried.  Decent experiment but you couldn’t have too many at one – too sweet.  4.5%

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    Alhambra Reserva 1925


     9/10 This was brought back from Spain by a friend of mine. He’s Spanish and apparently this is a big deal over there. Plus he thinks I should have a bigger Spanish section on this site! It’s a premium lager but not in the style that you will be familiar with (in the UK). This… Read more »

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    Baby faced assasin


     8/10 This is a very nice IPA from Yorkshire. Full of flavour and a nice aroma.  Brewed with 100% citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit and orange. Along with a lasting juicy, tropical fruit bitterness.  6.1%

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    Fire Catcher


     7/10 Bit unusual from Wychwood this. But in a good way! Very tasty beer that has hints of honey and fruits (but not overpoweringly) Would recommend! Especially to golden or pale ale fans who fancy a change. 

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     7/10 I’m still trying to get through all my Christmas beers. (It’s a hard life!) Winter amber ale This is a really tasty amber ale. It has a slight winter fruityness to it but it’s not over powering. I could easily sink a few of these in July. I bet Santa does!! 5%