Brilliant Ale


 8.5/10 One of Shepherd Neames historic ales that they’ve just restored. We bought these actually in the brewery after being told that they named it “brilliant” after a ray of sunshine streamed through the window directly onto the beers as they were being sampled for the first time.  It’s a very lightly coloured ale and… Read more »


Battersea Rye


 8.5/10 One of the craft beers from marks & spencers. In my opinion, this one is the best. It’s a full bodied, malty, rye beer. Brewed by Sambrook’s Brewery in Battersea, London. Give it a go! 5.6%




 8/10 Thought is try this in the Weatherspoons beer festival as it was only £1.99 a pint. Glad I did too! Bloody beautiful!  Its a tastey, dark London porter. Not bitter at all, just right! 5.6% Ps: similar to Dark Star Original

Devil's Backbone

Devils Backbone, American IPA


 7/10 A very smooth IPA… which is unusual as normally I find them a bit tart. Devils backbone brewing company is a small but award winning American brewery that have just started being served in my local Wetherspoons, result!




 9/10 My best white beer! Great taste, amazing beer.

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    Five AM red ale


     8/10 Really nice beer by brewdog. Bittersweet and punchy flavour. Wow get a load of this stuff! 5%

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     2/10 This is a German pils (lager to us in the UK). I found it quite flat with little taste. Wouldn’t recommend.

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    Gold top


     7/10 A golden pale ale from the Old Dairy Brewery.  “You won’t believe it’s not bitter!” Actually a really nice, malty ale. Plenty of hops. They call it an “anytime beer” and I would agree.  4.3%

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    Tapping the Admiral


     7/10 Really nice surprise! It’s quite a light coloured ale so didn’t expect such a rich flavour. Can definitely taste a bit of brandy or toffee in this.  Great beer, plus it has a great story… When Nelson was killed at Trafalgar his body was preserved in a cask of brandy during the trip back… Read more »

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    Dunkel Fester


     6/10 A special beer just for Halloween. This is a dark, malty, almost stout like beer. But it’s not as thick or bitter as a stout and has a kind if fruity note to it. Pretty decent pint and as always with Wychwood, a great label! a disturbingly dark beer 4.4%

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    23 Guns


     8.5/10 Boom! What a powerhouse of an IPA. Better still, I got this free with a meal st Westhersspoons! Lovely warm brown colour. Clear, rich and malty ale that slips down well.  5.5% Intense hit of hops 

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    Leffe Rituel 9•


     10/10 Behold! This is the best type of Leffe I’ve tasted. It’s a full, rich beer. You almost feel like you need to chew it!  I was lucky enough to be given it after a friend did a booze run to France.  I really like Leffe anyway. It’s a slightly tamer Belgium beer than the… Read more »

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    Chilli Beer


     3/10 My wife bought me this for a giggle. It actually has a chilli pepper in the bottle!  Having flash backs to my youth and downing Chilli Vodka in Revelutions and almost melting my tongue, I wasn’t really looking forward to this one.  Gladly my tongue is still in tacked as I write this.  The… Read more »

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    Das Helle


     5/10 Lager lovers… This is one for you.  Brewed in Germany and brought all the way over to your local Aldi (or maybe it was Lidl). It has a mild hoppyness and a slightly malty taste.  5%

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    Hobgoblin Gold


     8/10 Absolutely fantastic beer! Unlike standard Hobgoblin that’s a ruby beer, this is a golden ale. It has a bit of wheat in the brew to give it a little haze which reminded me of a few Belgium white beers.  Very tasty and perfect for any occasion. Really recommend giving this a try!