Brilliant Ale


 8.5/10 One of Shepherd Neames historic ales that they’ve just restored. We bought these actually in the brewery after being told that they named it “brilliant” after a ray of sunshine streamed through the window directly onto the beers as they were being sampled for the first time.  It’s a very lightly coloured ale and… Read more »


Battersea Rye


 8.5/10 One of the craft beers from marks & spencers. In my opinion, this one is the best. It’s a full bodied, malty, rye beer. Brewed by Sambrook’s Brewery in Battersea, London. Give it a go! 5.6%




 8/10 Thought is try this in the Weatherspoons beer festival as it was only £1.99 a pint. Glad I did too! Bloody beautiful!  Its a tastey, dark London porter. Not bitter at all, just right! 5.6% Ps: similar to Dark Star Original

Devil's Backbone

Devils Backbone, American IPA


 7/10 A very smooth IPA… which is unusual as normally I find them a bit tart. Devils backbone brewing company is a small but award winning American brewery that have just started being served in my local Wetherspoons, result!




 9/10 My best white beer! Great taste, amazing beer.

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     6/10 A blond Belgium beer. Available in Lidl! Pretty decent beer, like Leffe but with a slightly more bitter aftertaste.  6%

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    Blanche de Namur


     4/10 A very pale wheat beer, almost milky white. The back of the bottle provides instructions on how to pour it for perfection.    It’s ok… A bit bland when compared to the big guns like Erdinger.  Available in Aldi.     

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     5/10 Polish lager. The key the enjoying this is to drink it ice cold. If it’s any warmer you’d probably spit it out. It’s very refreshing, has a decentish taste and not overly fizzy like other lagers.  5.5%

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    Cotswold Pale Ale


     8/10 Really enjoyed this bottle conditioned pale ale. Full of flavour and very smooth & mellow on the palette.  Brewed by Hook Norton brewery for M&S.   4.7%

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    Kentish Ale


     8/10 “Very special” ale from Sainsburys. Really enjoyed this (and the other 3 that followed!). Well rounded refreshing ale, great taste and a lovely, warm brown colour.  Tastes very similar to Spitfire and oddly enough it’s brewed by the same brewer – Shepheard Neame. 

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    Ginger Ale


     4/10 Wow, this is different! Not your average ginger ale/beer. This is quite a unique blende of strong ginger ale and dark beer.  Even though it’s made with dark beer it’s not a heavy drink. It first (I like to taste beers blind without seeing the bottle) I thought it was some sort of bitter… Read more »

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    Rare Breed


     8/10 A very tasty pale ale from the Butcombe Brewery.  I never thought I was a big fan of pale ales but this has changed my mind!

  • IMG_5397

    Bishops Finger


     8/10 Bishops Finger takes it’s name from an ancient signpost along on the Pilgrims Way, pointing pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas A Becket at Cantebury Cathedral.  Kentish strong ale It’s a dark, warming ale that bursts with flavour. Great stuff! 5.4%

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    Waitrose Belgium Blonde


     8/10 Very nice blonde beer brewed by Brasserie Du Bocq, one of the last remaining family owned breweries in Belgium.  Smooth and aromatic with hints of spice and honey 6.3%

  • IMG_5363.JPG

    Ruby Rooster


     7.5/10 Great craft ale from Hatherwood Brewery. Made with Buxton water. If you like Hobgoblin then pick these up in Lidl! 3.8%